Meet the Republican Executive Committee


Precinct  1    Committeeman/Chairman     Barton, Colin A  

Precinct  4    Committeewoman/Alternate     Henry, Linda W  

Precinct  4    Committeeman     Vollertsen, Edward W  

Precinct  5    State Committeewoman     Rissman, Susan S  

Precinct  5    State Committeeman     Rissman, Steven  

Precinct  5    Committeewoman     Love, Helen F  

Helen has been a Committeewoman and active member of the Jefferson GOP since 2004. She is a kitchen / bath designer -- mostly retired. Helen is a member of Altrusa and a long-time member of the Central Church of Christ. She is heavily involved in costume design and construction for the Monticello Opera House.

Precinct  5    Committeeman     Davison, Robert J  

Precinct  6    Committeewoman     Simpson, Kimberly C  

Precinct  6    Committeeman     Simpson, Clyde B  

Clyde is the owner of Willow Pond Farm and the Tallahassee Bride Magazine. He is active in many local civic organizations.

Precinct  7    Committeewoman     Sutphin, Beverly J  

Precinct  7    Committeeman     Sutphin, Jerry W  

Precinct  8    Committeeman     Beshears, Fred H  

Precinct  9    Committeewoman/Treasurer     Vollertsen, Jane R  

Precinct  9    Committeewoman     Frisby, Merry A  

Precinct  9    Committeeman     Frisby, David A  

David is the retired Chief of Police of the City of Monticello and has had a long career in law enforcement and law enforcement education. He is a current gubernatorial appointee to the Florida Board of Athletic Training and an active member of the Florida Police Chief's Association. He is past President of both the local Kiwanis Club and Chamber of Commerce. He has served as Vice-Chairman of the Jefferson GOP since 2004.

Precinct  11    Committeeman     Michael JR, Paul W  

Paul is a long-time businessman in Jefferson County. He works in the real estate business. He is married to his wife Helen and they have three children who all live in the county.

Precinct  13    Committeewoman/Alternate     Sandell, Helen L  

Precinct  13    Committeewoman/Secretary     Kiser, Sara M  

Sally is a retired educator having spent her career in the Florida Community College System and at the Department of Education and currently does higher education consulting. Sally is a member of several environmental organizations and is a Big Bend Hospice volunteer.

Precinct  13    Committeeman     Sandell, Bruce A  

Precinct  13    Committeeman/Alternate     Kiser, S. C  

Curt is the General Counsel for the Public Service Commission. He served 10 years in the Florida House of Representatives and 10 years in the Florida Senate. He is on the Board of the Florida Wildlife Federation and is Chairman of the LeRoy Collins Institute at Florida State University and is the Republican State Committeeman for Jefferson County